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    • Welcome to Sleep More, Stress Less!

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    Sleep Management Module

    • Learning the importance of sleep

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    Stress Management Module

    • Learning the importance of stress management

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    BONUS: Diet tips for sleep & stress management

    • Eating to reduce stress + boost sleep

    • Diet tips presentation

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    Wrapping up

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Nicole Cieslak

Hi, I'm Nicole, a functional nutritional therapy practitioner, certified NASM personal trainer and founder of Fit Foodist Nutrition, my independent practice. After struggling for over 7 years with health issues like leaky gut, SIBO, IBS, parasites, and anxiety/depression, I become a holistic practitioner specializing in gut health and hormone balance to help people find freedom from suffering and take back control of their health! I look forward to guiding you in your healing journey!

Deep breaths, friend . . .

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Reducing stress is crucial for ALL aspects of your health & wellbeing. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Tapping has been used for years in many ancient cultures as a way to re-wire the brain to get out of fight or flight mode and into rest & digest mode. You'll learn techniques like this (and more) inside Sleep More, Stress Less!

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